herr dennehy.

herr dennehy (aka Tobias Dennehy) is a Corporate Story Architect.


herr dennehy believes in the complete evolution chain of corporate story creation. An architecture that builds upon a brand’s overarching core story (some might call this “Mission” or “Brand Ambition”, but it’s more than that), as well as a clear focus on societally relevant topics that help communicate a brand’s purpose of existence and the contribution its portfolio is able to make to a goal greater than ROI or shareholder value (so more the Why than the What). Upon this foundation a brand can find the seeds of innumerable stories to tell (and let tell), manifested in a strategic editorial plan that makes sure that story seeds fall on fruitful ground for the right people at the right time in the right place.

And this is what herr dennehy can do for you (as he has already done for global brands such as SiemensInfineonFraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Philipp Morris, both on the inside and in consulting mode from the outside):

1. Give lectures and (keynote, best practise, etc.) speeches to inspire about the foundations of story and the opportunities waiting for you there in your business communication (B2C or B2B? Doesn’t matter, an artificial distinction that doesn’t really exist). Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Conduct in-depth, interactive seminars and workshops that go far beyond inspiration. Here herr dennehy works closely with you and your leadership team to build a workshop concept that is custom-tailored to your communication headaches and imminent needs, as well as long-term strategies. Details would be discussed in a first-contact call. Duration: 1-3 days.

3. Consult both in short- and long-term communication projects that could build upon the results of an initial workshop, but could also continue work you might have started elsewhere. Duration: open.
herr dennehy is happy to read from you at herrdennehy@storycodex.com or talk to you at +49-1577-8889646 to exchange ideas, make plans, or simply tell some great stories.


2 thoughts on “herr dennehy.”

  1. Hello! Stopping by your blog from Nicole’s site as I recognized the German title, “Herr” in your name. I’m an American expat here in Germany with my German husband. Looking forward to reading more on your site.



    • servus.;) thanks for following and commenting. i am not an expad, but more of a mixed pickle: quarter irish, quarter english, half german, and the rest that fits into life i’m bavarian, as i live in munich, and sicilian, as my wife is sicilian.:) but my blog – which i’d love to populate with words more frequently (having 2 kids probably explains the overpopulation of draft-landia better than anything else), will remain in english.;)

      again thanks for following, hope i can make you stick around. you’re blog already inspired me, love the yeahwrite.me idea. maybe i’ll do that one day…

      read u soon. tobias


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