It’s me. @herrdennehy.

And some of my thoughts, experiences and opinions on stories and storytelling, especially in business communications today. But not only. After all: There’s no real difference between business and private life. It’s simply life. Simply stories. And stories are what matters in life.

This is what I look like when I get dressed up and stand in front of a stone wall at Munich’s Königsplatz – thanks for the nice shot, Christine!







I am a Corporate Story Architect, Blogger, Public Speaker and Cluetrain Passenger with over 15 years of experience in corporate storytelling, digital content leadership and editorial change management for leading brands such as McDonald’s and Siemens.

Write to herrdennehy@storycodeX.com to share story passion, exchange story experiences and get business story advice.


Or simply follow this blog.😉

Oh and, yes, almost forgot – it’s better to shut up and let other talks. So this is what people say about me:

“Having worked closely with Tobias on a highly demanding and time-sensitive assignment, I would estimate his skill set and personality to be the best suited to this radically altered world of communications, where traditional PR and marketing have reached their sell-by date as everyone becomes a communicator and value propositions turn into commodities. […]

Tobias stands out as a natural-born storyteller, with the ability to swiftly realize narrative goals in any complex environment. He is especially suited to telling technology stories in human terms, and must take credit for masterminding the Siemens /answers film series – still unique in the DAX context for its sophistication and customer-centricity. […] His story instinct and partnering talent I would describe as ‘telepathic’”.

— James McCabe, D. Phil. Oxon. Writer and Story Consultant

2 thoughts on “@herrdennehy.

  1. Hello! Stopping by your blog from Nicole’s site as I recognized the German title, “Herr” in your name. I’m an American expat here in Germany with my German husband. Looking forward to reading more on your site.



    • servus.;) thanks for following and commenting. i am not an expad, but more of a mixed pickle: quarter irish, quarter english, half german, and the rest that fits into life i’m bavarian, as i live in munich, and sicilian, as my wife is sicilian.:) but my blog – which i’d love to populate with words more frequently (having 2 kids probably explains the overpopulation of draft-landia better than anything else), will remain in english.;)

      again thanks for following, hope i can make you stick around. you’re blog already inspired me, love the yeahwrite.me idea. maybe i’ll do that one day…

      read u soon. tobias


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