Stories are life. Stories are us. Stories are me.

“Got a tell-tale heart like Mr. Poe
Got skeletons in the walls of people you know
I’ll drink to the truth and the things we said
I’ll drink to the man that shares your bed
I paint landscapes, and I paint nudes
I contain multitudes”

(Bob Dylan, “I contain multitudes”, 2020)

My way of paraphrasing Dylan who is paraphrasing Whitman:
I wasn’t always what I am now, and won’t be the same a couple of years from now. I never was one, or the other, always all of them. And whatever you’re looking for: It ain’t me, babe.

From journalist to literary scientist, from PR consultant to online editor, from digital storyteller to Corporate Newsroon Creator, from Corporate Story Architect to policy advisor, from traveller along the New Silk Road to Board Member. And now People Experience Shaper. Next step open.

But the underlying theme an passion always: stories, storytelling, singer/songwriting.

This is what this website is about: exploring the multitude of stories we all are in many shapes and forms: songs, poems, corporate videos, lectures, articles, books, interviews, …

Here is the latest story, a historic view on our present and future before, during and after Corona. how hiSTORYs repeat themselves…

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