“Broadening the perspective on connectivity”:
Speech at a Public Hearing on “Europe-Asia Connectivity” in the European Parliament, Brussels, 2019.

“The Belt and Road Long Conversation”
Long Conversation format with Markus Herrmann (Synolitic), Theresa Fallon (Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies), and Bruno Maçães (author and former Portuguese Foreign Minister), Zurich, 2019.

Storytelling Talk mit Tobias Dennnehy
Interview with on all things story.

“Storytelling: Gestaltungsräume für moderne Marken.” 
Interview for “DACS Show and Share”, Munich, 2014.

“Converged Media, Content Marketing, Measurable Storytelling”
Panel discussion at Medientage München, Munich, 2014.

“Storytelling im Unternehmen”
Interview for online magazine “Webschorle” at Textprovider Content Summit, Düsseldorf, 2014.

“Wenn Tradition zur Innovation wird”
Speech at Textprovider Content Summit, Düsseldorf, 2014.

“Werbung ohne Werbung?”
Interview at Video Marketing Conference, Hamburg, 2012.

“Tobias Dennehy über Storytelling”
Interview for Virtual Identity YouTube Channel, Munich, 2012.