In 2007, global engineering giant Siemens has a 160-year-old tradition of engineering ingenuity. What the company lacked: a genuine brand story and a campaign to bring this story to life.

At that time, I helped create the first global brand program called “Siemens Answers” by:
– co-defining the core of the brand idea
– co-designing the campaign execution from a classical print and TV campaign into a multi-channel communications program
– taking the leap from corporate messaging to authentic storytelling with the digital magazine “/answers”, where reknowned documentary filmers, journalists and authors take a personal look at the lives of people benefitting from pioneering technology.

/answers was really an adventure, a very rewarding one: I learned how letting go, by  letting others tell your own stories, by ignoring the product, by focussing on the manifold stories of people out there benefitting from the company’s work – without necessarily knowing about it.

The result were over 60 short stories, mostly in video format. Here are my two of my favourites: