How Does Story Relate to Business?

Although I find the following video a little too self-adverstising, and the first 30 seconds are basically a not-to-click teaser, I urge you to go beyond this initial downer.

Because: the essence of Robert McKee’s take on business story quoted here is actually worth inhaling:

  1. Allow the positive AND the negative!

  2. Don’t be afraid of EMOTIONS! All decisions, no matter how rational, cause change. And change causes emotion.

  3. Stories equip us to live. Data and pie charts do NOT!

  4. History’s best (or most influential) leaders (political, business, wherever) have been great storytellers, using stories to lead.

Now that’s definitely a good start to creating more meaningful, more convincing, more persuasive content in business communications.

Give it a try!

One thought on “How Does Story Relate to Business?

  1. An important angle to enjoyable advertising – from the view of the customer! There are too few individuals in top Decision Making positions who process the ability and skill to move out of the rigid corporate thinking and respect the customers needs and mental abilities in this new century.


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